Ruggedized Miner Speaker Mic for Motorola EX, GL, GP, PRO, RPU, RPV Portables

  • 2 Year Warranty (2X the industry standard)
  • Large PTT switch that extends over the top for easy use while wearing fire gloves.
  • Metal reinforced clip that rotates 360° so you can wear it the way you like to.
  • 3.5mm earphone jack on the top, so cables do not have to wrap around to connect underneath.
  • High-quality audio, both transmit & receive.
  • IP56 Certified Water resistant and dust tight for heavy-duty use in wet and dusty environments.
  • MIL-STD-810 Certified.
  • Two-foot coiled cable that can temporarily extend to six feet.

What is the Ruggedized Miner Mic?

The AAMO5SPMMR3 is a ruggedized Miner Mic speaker mic for Motorola EX, GL, GP, PRO, RPU, RPV series radios. This premium speaker mic is designed to handle the harshest environments. The Ruggedized Miner Mic is water resistant (driven rain approved) and comes with a 2-year warranty which is the longest in the industry. This speaker mic also has a replaceable cord so if the connection from the cord to the mic is damaged, you do not need to purchase a new mic - just a new cord! 

Works with the Following Radios:

  • Motorola EX500, EX600, EX600XLS Radios
  • Motorola GL2000, GP328 PLUS, GP338 PLUS, GP344, GP388 Radios
  • Motorola PRO5151 Elite Radios 
  • Motorola RPU3000A, RPU3600, RPU3600APLUS, RPU7500 Radios 
  • Motorola RPV3000A, RPV3600APLUS, RPV7500, RPV7500 Radios 

Why choose the Ruggedized Speaker Microphone?

The Ruggedized Miner Mic for Motorola EX, GL, GP, PRO, RPU, RPV series handheld radios is rugged enough to handle harsh environments by being water resistant and has a dust tight certification. This mic comes with a 3.5mm audio jack on the TOP of the mic which keeps the earpiece acoustic tubing from getting tangled up. Once you use the Ruggedized Miner Mic you will not want to use any other mic again! 

Check out the listen only earpieces that can be used along with the speaker mics to help get the audio directly into your year.  This is beneficial for use around loud equipment such as pumps and chainsaws.  Scroll down to check out the selection.

More Information
Product Name Ruggedized Miner Speaker Mic for Motorola EX, GL, GP, PRO, RPU, RPV Portables
Radio Type Portable Handheld
Radio Model RPV7500, RPU7500, EX500, EX600, PRO5150
Radio Brand Motorola
Item Type Speaker Mic
Grade Ruggedized
Additional Features 3.5mm Audio Jack
Accessory Type Speaker Mic
Manufacturer 49er Communications
Accessory Connection Type Plug In
Water Rating IP51 - 56 Resistant
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