Listen Only Ear Piece, Acoustic Tube with 3.5mm Jack

  • Undercover Style Acoustic tube earpiece
  • Works with 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Discrete, light weight and comfortable
  • Keeps your radio transmissions clear

What is the Acoustic Tube Listen Only Ear Piece?

The AALO9RS3I surveillance style acoustic tube listen only earpiece allows for the earpiece to plug directly into the ear from either a speaker mic or direct from the radio.  The earpiece enables you to hear critical radio transmissions even in noisy environments.  The clear coiled acoustic tube wraps behind the ear to stay out of sight.

Work with: 

  • Any Miner Mic (all Miner Mics have a 3.5mm audio jack)
  • Any other audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Plugs Into:

3.5mm audio jack 

Why choose the AALO9RS3I?

The listen only ear piece with acoustic tube surveillance style allows you to listen to radio transmissions discreetly.  Add an open ear insert to enable you hear your BK Radio transmissions without impeding your ability to hear ambient sounds in environments where your safety could be jeopardized otherwise. 


More Information
Product Name Listen Only Ear Piece, Acoustic Tube with 3.5mm Jack
Radio Type Portable Handheld
Item Type Listen Only Earpieces
Grade Standard
Additional Features 3.5mm Audio Jack
Accessory Type Listen Only
Manufacturer 49er Communications
Accessory Connection Type Plug In
Water Rating IP50 & Below No Water
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