A450 Antenna 6.5 Inch UHF 450-470 MHz

  • UHF 450-470 MHz Antenna
  • Exclusive Laird gold-pated push-pin contact. 
  • Stainless steel corona ball stays on the rod.
  • NMO Style Mount

What Is the A450 Antenna?

The A450 antenna is tune to a UHF frequency range of 450-470 MHz.  The low profile, 6.5" whip antenna is for vehicle roof mount applications. The antenna is chrome, not black like the image.

Works with:

UHF mobile radios in the range of 450 - 470 MHz.

Why choose the Laird A450?

Laird Technologies builds this antenna with an NMO style mount which contains a gold-plated push pin contact which provides the most corrosion resistance and power transfer over time. The long tuning ferrule allows for greater freedom in frequency adjustment without trimming.  The 6.5" antenna is compact and does not cause obstructions when mounted to the roof of a vehicle.

More Information
Product Name A450 Antenna 6.5 Inch UHF 450-470 MHz
Manufacturer Laird
Radio Type In Vehicle Mobile
Radio Model KNG-M400, KNG-M400R
Radio Brand BK Technologies, Harris, Hytera, iCOM
Item Type Antenna
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