Compact Vehicle Charger, Rapid Rate, for KNG-P, KNG2-P

  • Compact Vehicle Charger
  • Charges KNG-P Radios
  • Includes Secure Bungee
  • Includes Wiring Kit
  • Smallest Charger Available

What is the Compact Vehicle Charger?

The charger is just how it sounds, it is compact to fit in a very small space and stay out of the way while charging a BK KNG portable radio.  The charger includes a radio bungee to keep the radio in place while driving down the road.  Wire the charger directly into the vehicle for a continuous secure connection to power.

Works with the following BK radios:

  • KNG P150 and KNG P150 command Radios
  • KNG2 P150 and KNG2 P150 command Radios
  • KNG P150S Series Radios
  • KNG P400 Series Radios
  • KNG P400S Series Radios
  • KNG2 P400 Series Radios
  • KNG P500 Series Radios
  • KNG2 P500 Series Radios
  • KNG P800 Series Radios
  • KNG2 P800 Series Radios

Why choose this charger?

Choose the compact vehicle charger for a secure charging source that fits in a small space.  Space is at a premium in a fire engine, get the smallest charger on the market for you Bendix King KNG Radios.

More Information
Product Name Compact Vehicle Charger, Rapid Rate, for KNG-P, KNG2-P
Manufacturer 49er Communications
Radio Type Portable Handheld
Radio Model KNG-P150, KNG-P150S, KNG-P150CMD, KNG2-P150, KNG2-P150CMD, KNG-P400S, KNG-P400, KNG2-P400, KNG-P500, KNG2-P500, KNG-P800, KNG2-P800
Radio Brand BK Technologies
Item Type Charger
Charger Power Connection DC Hardwired
Charger Type Vehicle Single
Charge Source 12VDC
Compatible Battery Chemistry Li-Ion, Li-Poly, NiCad, NiMh
Charge Rate Rapid Rate
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