PC Programming Cable USB, KAA0710 for KNG-P, KNG2-P, KNG-M


Awesome Because:

  • Connects the KNG series radios to your computer, so that with the appropriate software (sold separately) you can program your radio

What is the KNG PC Programming Cable?

The KAA0710 is the programming cable for both BK Radio KNG P series portables and KNG M series mobiles. This cable connects to your computer via USB and connects to the radio via the accessory connector. You will need to purchase a programming software disc in addition to the KAA0710 in order to program your KNG series Bendix King radio. 

Works with the following Bendix King Radios:

  • KNG P150 and KNG P150 command series radios
  • KNG P150S Series Radios
  • KNG P400 Series Radios
  • KNG P400S Series Radios
  • KNG P500 Series Radios
  • KNG P800 Series Radios
  • KNG-M150 Series Radios
  • KNG-M400 Series Radios
  • KNG-M500 Series Radios
  • KNG-M800 Series Radios

Why choose the KAA0710?

Use the BK Radio KNG Series USB PC Programming Cable to interface between your KNG radio and USB port, on your computer, which makes programming a breeze.  

*Use Cable along with KAA0710 KNG Editor or KAA0732 Neo Vision programming software.  

*For programming your Legacy DPH, GPH, DMH, or GMH radios see LAA0725.

More Information
Product Name PC Programming Cable USB, KAA0710 for KNG-P, KNG2-P, KNG-M
Manufacturer BK Technologies
Radio Type Portable Handheld
Radio Model KNG-P150, KNG-P150S, KNG-P150CMD, KNG2-P150, KNG2-P150CMD, KNG-P400S, KNG-P400, KNG2-P400, KNG-P500, KNG2-P500, KNG-P800, KNG2-P800, KNG-M150, KNG-M150R, KNG-M400, KNG-M400R, KNG-M500, KNG-M500R, KNG-M800, KNG-M800R, KNG-B150, KNG-B400, KNG-B500, KNG-B800
Radio Brand BK Technologies
Item Type Programming
Programming Accessory Type PC Computer
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