DMH Owners Manual, 7001-30973-200

  • Owners Manual
  • DMH5992X, DMH5992R

What is the DMH Owners Manual? 

The 7001-30973-200 is an owners manual for BK Radio DMH mobile radios. The owners manual has diagrams, field programming instructions, and a list of parts needed to operate your Relm mobile radio properly.  

Works with the following Bendix King Radios:

  • DMH5992X Mobile Radios

Why choose the 7001-30973-200?

The DMH owners manual includes information on parts, buttons/knobs and field programming instructions. If you are operating the BK DMH radio, this is the owners manual you will need. 

More Information
Product Name DMH Owners Manual, 7001-30973-200
Manufacturer BK Technologies
Radio Type In Vehicle Mobile
Radio Model DMH5992X, DMH5992R
Radio Brand BK Technologies
Item Type Manuals
Manuals Type Owners Manuals
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