BK Radio KNG Seires Fire Radios

BK Radios KNG series are compact with a punch. The new KNG series handheld fire radios have 20% more tramitting power than the Legacy series handheld fire radios. This millenial generation fire radio is quickly becoming a favorite among wildland firefighters. These rugged fire radios have load and clear audio from a a 1 watt speaker, 512 to 5000 channels available depending on the specific model, Li-Ion rechargable and alkaline battery options available. Trunking, GPS and bluetooth are optionally available on the KNG series fire radios. The US Forest Service prefers the KNG ā€˜Sā€™ (Simple) series model. CALFIRE prefers the KNG-CMD series. If you want the lightest most powerful handheld fire radio available shop the KNG series fire radios.

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